It has been a while since I have just sat and thought of things lately… Not that they haven’t weighed heavily on my mind. As I said previously this summer was going to be challenging, and that it has. My wife is on week 4 of her 9 week assignment in Florida, so our son […]

Paranoia x 2

How many others are consumed by paranoia? Lately I just can’t seem to break it at all. I am constantly worried about all aspects of life. I have added responsibilities at work so I am worried with that, home life has left me worried, not that anything is wrong there just the constant reminder that […]

Summer begins…

My wife left for her work assignment today, I don’t know how married couples work jobs like this… being apart for significant periods of time, she just left this morning and I already just have a bad feeling about her being gone… My paranoia definitely doesn’t help in this situation that’s for sure… Thank goodness […]


Most people enjoy summer and I don’t dislike it, but it isn’t my favorite. I enjoy the time outside, the yardwork is ok sometimes it’s good exercise, but feels like this is the time I fall the most into my anxiety funk. Maybe it’s because work is always busy, I usually don’t take much time […]

Fog and Paranoia

I have been pretty quiet lately, between allergies and my constant racing mind I have kinda went into seclusion. While talking to my wife about a friend yesterday I have discovered, which I already kinda knew that I live in a constant state of paranoia. I lay in bed at night with my mind racing, […]

I’m much different

Seems in the last year I have become a much different person, I am much more cynical, sarcastic and basically bullshit intolerant. I have trouble keeping contact with my family that constantly wants sympathy. We all have problems, there is no need to dwell on them, make the best of what you have. Which is […]