I sat all last night at home watching Intervention on A&E and it really struck home to me after it seemed every story was about Alcoholics…. I feel bad even giving it a capitalization because it is after all a word that changed my life. I realize it is a sickness, in a lot of cases it is an inherited trait from your ancestry, but at some point there has to be a moment of clarity to realize there is something better.

I decided to do this to see if maybe i could help someone growing up with a parent who is an addict. I watched a story about a man in his 30’s last night who had a child, he would use in front of his child, even though my story doesn’t involved drugs, it might as well have been. I plan to dive down deeper into my story when the time is right. Until that time here is an interesting article i found about Adult Children of Addicts.

This couldn’t be anymore true!!!!


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