I would like to think that I has a normal childhood, playing outside with friends, playing sports! Wish I could remember!! There are so many blank area where I cannot connect the dots. I don’t recall anything overly traumatic, baseball, football and track meets in the back yard with the neighborhood kids.

Who was my 3rd and 4th grade teachers? I can’t recall, my wife seems to remember so many intimate details of her youth and mine is spotty at best. I remember our 2 different homes which we lived, all my sports teams (good and bad).

What is a normal childhood? Everything seemed “normal”, but sometimes I came to realize normal wasn’t such a good thing, normalcy can lead to a dark path of addiction I noticed in my youth!

I am trying to start in my youth and work my way present so bear with me if it’s alittle vague for the time being, as it comes to me I will post more and more. If you have similar stories/experiences please share!!

Until next time…


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