Maybe someone can help explain to me why Monday’s are so bad? It’s not even the fact that it begins a new work week, I actually enjoy my job. It seems that on Monday’s my mind tends to wander and mess with me more than any other day of the week. It is a nice looking day, had a nice weekend t-ball with my son and the entire weekend with my family, but all I can do is think about the negative things in my life on Monday’s!

I am so filled with anger toward my father that sometimes I don’t know how to channel it. Thank goodness I channel it into my son, I try to do the things with him that my dad never did with me. I have coached 2 years of t ball and even soccer that I know nothing about, these things I feel bring out a side of me that I am not comfortable with and I think its a good thing, Leading 10 4&5 year olds definitely makes you get out of your comfort zone, but when i am with them there is no other place I would want to be! The innocence of a child is great for the soul! I wish I could be that care free with my days! Especially Mondays!



3 thoughts on “Monday’s

    1. I am trying my best to break the cycle for sure at most it’s a good distraction. I tried to go to a psychologist, but didn’t feel it was for me. So here I am trying to self medicate and hopefully help someone and myself in the process


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