Does the fact that anyone else had an addicted parent help your cause? I guess what i’m trying to say does it keep you from following in the same path? I know in college i drank alittle on the weekends, but after that I have never had the problem or desire. Beer always tasted nasty to me, I never really liked the feeling of being drunk/buzzed.

As a child, my parent’s would have parties and me being a 10 year old would “bartend” their parties for them. Here I am in grade school/junior high providing an irresponsible act of getting adults who should know better drunk, and worse than that they all drove home. How is this teaching your son to be responsible? I had my own portable bar that we would move out to the porch for parties and of course my dad had a stock of liquor to bring out every time.

The past 10 years or so I don’t drink. I have seen how it destroyed my family. It can take the smartest person and turn them into your worst nightmare. After watching my dad’s last few weeks of life, it is just not worth it. His blood stream was basically poison do to his liver failing. 60 years old is too young! It scares me to have a 5 year old and how to protect them from addiction. I hope that the example that my wife and I set forth are good enough. I have made my own decisions and so will he, I just hope we lead in the correct path to make the correct decisions on his own!


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