I have watched many shows on TV about the paranormal, i particularly enjoy the one’s that dispute and disprove hauntings. There have been some things that we have no explanation going on with my son. He tells me that he talks to his papaw even though he passed away 11 months ago. Its a few times a day occurrence that he tells me he misses his papaw. So here goes this story….

A few months ago my wife and i went on vacation, so her mom and step-dad stayed at our house to watch my son. My wife’s step dad is sick from his own alcohol related disease, but he has always had a sense of the paranormal. So one night as my mother in law was getting my son ready for bed, my father in law went downstairs and I have my own chair down there that is strictly mine… anyways as he turned the corner into the living room there sat my father… He told my father in law “He was fine”, he had realized he had been a bad father and husband, but needed a favor. Said that he was there to watch over my son, and that my mother was seeing someone that didn’t have good intentions…. nobody knew to this point except for me that my mother was seeing someone new…. so the fact that this information was there blew our mind, there were other things, about conversations almost word for word that my father and I had a month before he passed away… My father in law told him there was nothing he could do to help that situation except to let me know… and he turned back around and my father was gone, he said my dogs sat beside the chair looking up as if someone was sitting in the chair.

A few weeks later my son was at his house and my father in law walked into his house and there sat my dad in a recliner again. He was saying that he wanted me to find something in his garage that would “have to be sought out” and that he should keep my son away from the bees (my father in law has bee hives in front of his house for honey).

Then we fast forward to Thanksgiving day, this was a day very special to my father as he would have his mother and father out every year, so I decided to cook for my family and my wife’s family. As my father in law said Grace before dinner, he whispered in my mom’s ear that “He’s still here”. He later told me that he was in the garage looking at my workshop where I was working on a shelf for our bathroom, and in my own mind was probably looking for tools to tell me i stole from his garage.

Things have been quiet until recently my son says he has been talking to him in his room. My son asks lots of questions sometimes, but never directly tells me of his conversations with my dad. I know death for a 5 year old is very confusing, and I am lacking in what to say… especially if he is speaking with my father


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