Sunday’s I usually do a lot of reflection, which is good and bad, I finally have a few minutes by myself after traveling all morning, its always good to be home in my familiar place, my recliner with my wife’s dog on my lap having a cup of coffee… I love to have my family with me but sometimes a few minutes along comes in handy for my sanity…

Let me start by saying I was proud of myself the past few days, i did many things that took me out of my comfort zone and had a good time, I kept my anxiety to a minimum I think except on Wednesday when i was flying to Florida. It wasn’t so much my anxiety as the other travelers… I had a group of 5 older ladies who were prepared to get to Florida to continue their drunken girls trip… as I have said before I don’t have a problem with other people drinking but damn…. I have a set of Bose noise cancelling headphones so i was trying to watch a movie, I couldn’t hear my movie for these women.  So Wednesday I walk onto the plane, excited to meet up with my family, i find my seat 26D and the other folks are already in their seats so i sit down, buckle my seatbelt and look over and the lady in the window seat is just bawling…. I am one that understands anxiety so I didn’t try to let her know that I knew she was visibly shaken, we sat at the gate for a good 30 minutes which just made her worse, this poor lady was scared to death to fly. Her anxiety was all over the place, from being scared to having arguments with her boyfriend about texting another man who was “just a friend”. It is amazing the things i could hear on this flight with my headphones on, I am starting to wonder if they are losing their strength or if people were just that loud on my flight.

My family and I went to some amusement parks in Orlando for Spring Break for my son, and we had a really good time, I rode rides that I normally wouldn’t have done, but we had a good time, I figured why pay that amount for tickets and not ride the rides with my son, i do admit there were a few that I was glad my son wasn’t tall enough to ride, I have a fear of heights so I let my wife and her friend go ride those rides and I did other things to occupy my son while they were doing that. In the last year and a half I have lost a lot of weight, before then I would have never went to one of these parks because i know i wouldn’t have fit, but it was a nice self confidence booster to go to these parks and ride all these rides with my son with no fear of not fitting in the seats. I can honestly say that I don’t think my eating weight was from my growing up, I just simply ate the wrong things and at at the wrong times, I got out of college and lived by myself in a small town where I knew nobody and had nothing to really do so I cooked bad things for myself… My weight always fluctuated but after I got married it seemed to sky rocket, nobodies fault but my own. Eating bad for all meals really because it was quick and convienient but my wife and I eventually got better, by that time it was way too late… but in the past year and a half I took a measure to help myself and my family, it was actually one of the only times I did something for ME, and I have been happy with the results so far. 

Until next time 😉


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