The Day After…

May 6th has come and gone, I expected a wide range of emotions, I wore my cross that was my grandpa’s and my father’s. Thank goodness that the rain held off here and I was able to coach my kids for tball, their innocence always helps me. I even took a nap to get some rest that I didn’t get the night before.

May 6th of course is the year anniversary of my father’s passing. My mom actually came up and watched my son’s tball game, I could see her tear up a little, but I kept everything in check. In fact I guess it bothered me some that I was completely emotionless… Not a single tear… Granted Dad was in my thoughts all day, I still can’t believe that it has been en entire year without talking to him or getting a phone call from him while I’m working. 

I sit here pondering, does this make me bad or heartless? I am hurt, I am angry. I told my wife today… I don’t know that I will ever get over my anger, there are some things done that are unforgivable. Maybe with time these things will subside, but I just don’t see myself being able to let some of these things go, its just too much!!!!! 

I am still at a loss for words, but felt like I needed to type something for tonight… bear with me, and thanks to you that read and type to me!!!


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