Evenings like this are times I wouldn’t mind moving far away. I sit here alone work in my garage alone and sit in my own mind alone…. My only real companionship lately is Owen… My 10 year old best friend…. aka my dog. What would we do without pets? They don’t care what we look like, they don’t care how much money you have, what your wearing or what you drive. I could be homeless and Owen would be right there by my side. I know he is probably tired of shark week on the tv, but that’s all that’s on and I’m not really paying attention anyway. I have so much running through my mind, but have no idea how to express it tonight, I haven’t typed for a while as I had kinda been feeling at piece but today and tonight have been a different story. I am lonely, I am alone, this is nothing new but tonight it sucks. You ever feel you have no family? You grow up with and around a family you think will always be around then later in life you look and they are gone? So where is a good place to go exactly? I have no idea, you can run away but I have a feeling my own worst enemy would follow… My mind…. I have toyed with the idea of some type of oil or herb to help slow my mind in the evenings and at night, but I’m afraid I would miss something, I spend lots of time with my son and I don’t want to miss any of that…. So damned if I do darned if I don’t


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