And I never meant to cause you trouble And and I never meant to do you wrong And ah well if I ever caused you trouble Oh no I never meant to do you harm   There are days like today where I sit and wonder what my father thinks about the life I […]


So I am still on my Celexa (Thank Goodness) I have been struggling alot lately with my anxiety with many contributing factors. I have a new job with a few people under my leadership which hasn’t been going as smooth as I would like but that was expected going into it. I have a huge […]


Evenings like this are times I wouldn’t mind moving far away. I sit here alone work in my garage alone and sit in my own mind alone…. My only real companionship lately is Owen… My 10 year old best friend…. aka my dog. What would we do without pets? They don’t care what we look […]


It has been a while since I have just sat and thought of things lately… Not that they haven’t weighed heavily on my mind. As I said previously this summer was going to be challenging, and that it has. My wife is on week 4 of her 9 week assignment in Florida, so our son […]

Paranoia x 2

How many others are consumed by paranoia? Lately I just can’t seem to break it at all. I am constantly worried about all aspects of life. I have added responsibilities at work so I am worried with that, home life has left me worried, not that anything is wrong there just the constant reminder that […]

Summer begins…

My wife left for her work assignment today, I don’t know how married couples work jobs like this… being apart for significant periods of time, she just left this morning and I already just have a bad feeling about her being gone… My paranoia definitely doesn’t help in this situation that’s for sure… Thank goodness […]